“She who is Brave is free…”

Why Our Bravery Matters

We’re living in an amazing time in history. In this very moment we, the women of the world, are no longer tolerating the status quo. We have arrived fully and wholly with our voices. Right now we’re speaking up and showing up. We’re taking steps with trust and with hope.

Most importantly, we’ve acknowledged that we’re stronger and braver together.

We are a brigade of many, made up of countless stories and acts of courage, and we’re joined in one collective message of hope, support, and strength. We owe it to ourselves to be the brightest and best version of ourselves.

How are we doing in our current state of living? To be honest, not all that well.

  • We are living off-balance. Our energy is depleted. The unique light that shines within each of us is dimming.
  • We are seeking connection. We are seeking a helping hand that says, “You’ve got this. We have your back. You are braver than you think you are.”
  • We are all in need of self-care. We are in need of a little “soul polishing.”

At this precious moment in history it becomes vital to ask yourself:

“Does my bravery matter to this world?”

Now is the time to step fully into your truth.  Now is the time to acknowledge how our daily acts are actually full of courage.

Join me and countless other brave women of the world as we serve as a brigade of history-makers and truth-seekers. Let your small acts of bravery lead to a lifetime of peace.  Acknowledge it. Embrace it. Own it. Live it!

Because becoming your best self means igniting a movement!

Your first act of Bravery