Work With Me

Ready to step boldly into your truth and Join the Brigade?
Here are a few different ways in which we can work together!

Work With Me

Ready to step boldly into your truth and Join the Brigade?
Here are a few different ways in which we can work together!

“Listening to Amy was just plain FUN.
She was so engaging and energized! ” – Ruthi


I get so much joy out of speaking to groups of women who are ready to unlock their voices and show up in the world as brave and authentic presences. In all of my talks I aim to offer a tangible approach to achieving the balance we all crave in our 4 pillars of life: the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.  

Click below to learn more about my key speaking topics and to download my speaker-one-sheet or simply get in touch with me directly. Check out my Events page and see if I’ll be attending a public speaking event near you.


My workshops and events are filled with energy, insight, and plenty of positivity. You’ll walk away with so many ideas about how to create more peace in your life. You’ll feel activated and ready to take on the world. You’ll reconnect with your bravery. Most of all, you’ll connect with a whole new community of women who will support you as you tackle the challenges in your life. If this sounds like just the kind of experience you need, visit my Events page to see when my next workshop will be held. If you’re interested in having me run a workshop for your organization, please get in touch!

Thanks to you Amy.  I thought this class was great. Positivity is key and you are certainly that.” – Jane

“Amy Nelsen has empowered me to live with passion and purpose. She is a gem and truly a soul polisher.” – Lynne

Intuitive Soul Polishing

This is my Intuitive Healing process and centered around you stepping into your joy. It’s about remembering your own acts of bravery and your courageous journey. I intuitively connect to your soul’s voice to help align your acts of bravery to your heart. I’ll assist in discovering your inner voice, and help you focus your energy inward to find clarity and purpose.

Join The Brigade

We are stronger in numbers. We are a community of brave souls making a difference in the lives of others and the world around us. Here we offer bits of wisdom and advice as we learn, laugh, and join a community of support. Let each of us be the start of many ripples of love and strength.

Join the conversation and share your voice by becoming part of the Bravery Brigade Facebook group.  As we come together to  empower, grow, and expand our Brigade. Listen to inspiring stories from Daring Dames. Let me know about your Brave journey and contact me directly.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa