Intuitive Soul Polishing

You already have the answers within you! I simply serve as the catalyst to help guide you. We’ll collaborate with the intent to support, activate, ignite, and heal. This includes shifting your perspective to discover the magic within you and polishing up the brave soul you are.

What can I expect?

This is about you stepping into your joy. It’s about remembering your own acts of bravery and your courageous journey. I’m not a therapist or a coach, rather, I serve as your intuitive soul polisher as I accompany you on your path to clarity.

Through one-on-one dialogue, I intuitively connect to your soul’s voice to help align your acts of bravery to your heart. I challenge you to shift your perspective of negative thought patterns and help you to build a foundation of healing.  I’ll assist in discovering your inner voice, and help you focus your energy inward to find clarity and purpose. You will learn that your thoughts lead to choice which in turn choice leads to action.

This work focuses on the four main principles I developed in my personal intuitive process called the 4 Ps to Peace…
Perspective, Patience, Practice, and Purpose  

  • Opening the doors to explore your Perspective, and the importance of shifting it to see a wider view.
  • Taking what we’ve developed and bringing it into your daily Practice in all areas of your life.
  • Learning Patience through the healing process. Allowing yourself to let go, surrender to the moment, and remain present. Stay firm and focus only on today.
  • Discovering Purpose for the present moment.

The ultimate goal, to walk away with the knowledge of rediscovering balance in your life, to reclaim your voice and move boldly back to your authentic truth.

To Peace. This means peace within yourself, as well as finding peace with your life’s purpose.

How Do I Schedule a Session?

Let’s connect!

The first 30-minute call is my complementary gift to you. Following this initial connection we’ll have a clear picture of where we go next.

  • Sessions are 80 minutes each and can be held in-person, by phone, or online.

How long is this journey?
That really depends on you! This is your path and it’s one you must eventually walk on your own, in all of your awesomeness.

“Amy Nelsen has empowered me to live with passion and purpose. She came into my life when I was feeling very depleted. She has inspired me to value myself with compassion and mindfulness. She has given me concrete tools to help on this journey. Through reading assignments, physical motion, introspection, advice, guidance, and inspiration, she has helped me achieve my goals. She has increased my awareness of what practices, thoughts, and things have served me in the past, but are no longer relevant. She helped me focus on what has heart and meaning for me. She is a gem and truly a soul polisher.”  – Lynne

“I initially ask Amy to help my father, but quickly realized how her methods, perspective on life and positive attitude would be beneficial to my teenage daughters.  Teenage girls don’t always listen to their mothers and sometimes need an outside influence and and guide through these hard years.  Amy helped my older daughter integrate coping skills into her life to help with her anxiety.  I then asked Amy to help my younger daughter with her lack of confidence and I saw such great changes after a few sessions with Amy.  We have tried traditional therapy for my older daughter, but it really did not have much impact at all.  I would (and have many times already) recommend Amy Nelsen to anyone needing guidance in their life.  We are so lucky to have met Amy and even luckier to now call her a friend as well.” – Keri

“When I first walked into Amy and I’s meeting spot, I was a little nervous.  I had been a massage and energetic therapist for 10 years, and I wanted to embark upon a new path.  And oh boy have I!  Amy was a amazing guide during my first few miles of open water in my newly stocked ship. She is Dynamic, compassionate, bold, honest and held me accountable to our agreements.  I am so grateful for now having clarity on my life’s purpose, and now have the tools to activate what has been here all along. If you are someone who wants to hit the reset button, Amy is your lady.  She can see clearly between what is outworn baggage and what intensifies your shine. Thank you Amy!  I will never forget all that we accomplished.” – Rachael

Contact me if you have any questions or would like to schedule a call.