The Connection:

“You know that feeling of meeting someone for the first time but could swear you have known them a lifetime? That’s Makeda a fellow New Yorker who’s energy clicked with mine instantly.  Both a work colleague and friend I am honored to have her in my life. Her vivacious approach to life, community and courageous life path is her resonating force.  Her words are tangible and have provided support to me and countless others.   Grab a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy the brave Makeda.”


– Why do you feel it is important to acknowledge bravery within yourself and others?

I believe bravery begets bravery. Seeing others be brave ignites bravery in other hearts. For me recognizing and naming out loud the moments when I or another has been brave, in big and small ways, helps me remember that being brave is a choice not a personality characteristic. I can choose bravery in any moment of any day.

If you could recall one of your bravest actions, how old were you and what was it?

My earliest memory of doing something brave was in the first grade. At our “graduation” ceremony, I was one of 3 kids chosen to give the opening remarks. I don’t necessarily remember being scared but I remember other kids not doing it because they were scared. There were a lot of parents in that room and it was a great experience for my young 6 year-old self to have.

When and where were you when you had that moment of aha, inspiration that led you to the acknowledgment of your bravery?

A few years ago someone asked me to describe myself using a 6 word sentence. The sentence that came to mind was “always willing to take a risk”. When I scanned my life I saw where over and over again I had taken risks that made no sense on paper but definitely enriched my life in the long run. In that moment, I saw just how brave I had been over the course of my life.

Who is your most influential female in your life?

I would say my mother. She raised my sister and I as a single mom. She instilled me a sense that my being a black, girl, living in poverty was no reason I couldn’t be as successful as I wanted to be. She did not say this with words but in her insistence that I always did my best and never settled for less than what I was capable of doing. This idea that my race, gender, and economic status need not be obstacles to my success is a message that I am only now fully appreciating as an adult.

What is the most daring thing you are doing right now in your life?

Running my own business. Good lord! Every day requires an intentional decision to be brave and to keep coming back to it even on the days I want to run away.

What is the most daring thing you are yet to do?..whats holding you back?

Not sure to be honest. I’ve gone sky-diving, climbed a bridge, and other typical brave things. Maybe scuba diving but then again not sure I really want to do that ☺

How do you celebrate you? Your accomplishments, your courage, your acts of daring greatness?

Ahh I’m terrible at celebrating my accomplishments. I notice them, even name them out loud but can’t say I’m good at celebrating them.

For all of the amazing women that are reading this now, give them your most daring, brave quote that you live by right now…today:

It’s one on courage – “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes it’s the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow’.” Mary Anne Radmacher



Mindset and Empowerment Coach, Makeda Pennycooke envisions a world where women know they matter, believe they are enough, and embrace the power and courage they ALREADY possess to radically transform their lives.

With over two decades of experience in leadership and personal development, Makeda is a sought-after speaker, teacher, writer and workshop facilitator.

After navigating multiple, major life and career changes, she firmly believes fear is temporary but regret is permanent. She uses the lessons she’s learned to support women who are facing a crossroads in their life, find their brave and rise into their greatness.

She believes chocolate makes everything better, and life should be filled with moments that make your heart sing. She loves the ocean, sun-kissed days, and a good cup of steaming hot tea (always tea, never coffee). She currently resides in Charlotte, NC but harbors a secret wish to live in Sydney, Australia 😊