The Connection:

“The universe provides so many opportunities for us when we allow ourselves to let go and allow it to present itself.  Katie and I met through a mutual friend and have see each other about throughout the years.  When my life hit a pretty big snag I ask for guidance to come through, a coach really to help provide more clarity and insight in my life’s path.  What the universe gave me was that and so much more.  Katie’s talents go beyond coach.  Her intuitive knowing has not only pushed me out of the muck, she has assisted me in rediscovering my bravery wings!  She has become both friend and family a true kindred spirit. I am in awe of her gifts and what she has given to this world.  Get set and enjoy the amazing momentum of Katie.”


Why do you feel it is important to acknowledge bravery within yourself and others?

I feel it’s so important to acknowledge bravery within ourselves and others because it drives us forward. It creates momentum. In the moments we are faced with that feel heavy, daunting, overwhelming and downright scary, it can be easy to back down and walk away. But, if in those moments we can remember that we are not alone and that many others have walked that path before us, then we can often summon our bravery and step forward. Acknowledging that step is downright crucial in creating the muscle memory we need to see ourselves as brave, wise and capable women.

If you could recall one of your bravest actions, how old were you and what was it?

Haha. So many funny toddler stories come to mind here! But, I think if it were to come from my memory, I would have to say when I started my coaching business. I was 23 years old and so naïve to the world and the way of business, but I just felt like I could do it. I leapt! My journey wasn’t an easy one getting started but I wouldn’t take back that moment of bravery.

When and where were you when you had that moment of aha inspiration that led you to the acknowledgment of your bravery?

I had just been to an Edwin McCain concert with my coach at the time and he ended his set with a cover – it was that song, Crazy by SEAL. You know, the lyrics are “in a world full of people, only some want to fly…isn’t that crazy?” Well, I was considering leaving my job and starting my business. My coach turned to me and said, “WELL, THAT’S A COACHING SONG!” I walked into the office the next morning and my co-worker had made me a mixed CD. He specifically pointed out that the first song was one I would love. Guess which song it was? Yup, you bet. It was then that I knew I might be crazy, but I was ready to fly.

Who is the most influential female in your life?

I would have to say my mother. She has always been so in touch with her intuition, strong with her decisions and very insightful about people’s character. I admire so much about her.

What is the most daring thing you are doing right now in your life?

Ah! Business growth! Over the past year, I have split my businesses into two and I continue to grow my team to be able to offer more hours and more services. It’s terrifying because there are so many unknowns and so many things to juggle but I know it’s the right thing for the business and my clients.

What is the most daring thing you have yet to do?…What is holding you back?

Ooh, if I’m being honest, it’s making a decision on whether to grow our family. I’m scared to juggle life later in my 30’s with my routine, my businesses and my friendships while potentially bringing a child into the mix.

How do you celebrate you? Your accomplishments, your courage, your acts of daring greatness?

For me, personally, I do a mix of me-time activities and adventure activities to celebrate what I’ve done. Things like massages, cycling classes, yoga, paddle boarding, a cooking class, rock climbing, learning something new and exciting…I love to celebrate with new experiences to grow and learn even more! A glass of wine or bubbly every now and then doesn’t hurt either 😉

For all of the amazing women that are reading this now, give them your most daring, brave quote that you live by right now…today:

“On your last day on earth, how would you feel if the person you became met the person you could have become?” Anonymous (and edited a little bit by me) I would hope I would feel like I was looking into a mirror and not a bit regretful!


In 2003, Katie Mattson Craig earned a BFA in Graphic Design from James Madison University, inspiring her first (and still successful) business: Designed For Momentum. Shortly after, she went back to school for coaching and graduated from Coach University in 2006. She was awarded an ACC certification from the International Coach Federation in 2007. She also served for three years on the board of the Charlotte Area International Coach Federation Chapter. After more than a decade in business, she has created 3 signature programs and her time in business has been dedicated to helping others find momentum in their lives.

Coaching is a natural fit for Katie and is an integral part of who she is. She has worked with individuals, entrepreneurs, corporations, small business owners, career shifters and more. A big part of why she is here is to help you unearth who you are. And to guide you to communicate, act and live from your natural self to find your personal momentum. Every. Day.

Owner of Momentum Concepts, which includes Designed for Momentum and Momentum Coaching.